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Tanner is an amazing text tool, Tanner mayes is what we can define a top pornstar, Tanner is filthy minded and that is an incredible and very important ingredient for successful pornstar. I have watched at least 15 of her productions on DVD, and every single one of the videos I consider it better than the other, in other words she is one of my favorite adult models or female actresses, like they prefer to be called rather than pornstars.

Tanner Mayes fucking Pornstar

Body Details:
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight: 114 lbs (52 kg)
Measurements: 34B-26-34
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Personal Details:
Age: 25 years OLD
Date of Birth: May 31, 1989
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Adrian, MI USA
Ethnicity: Costa Rican

Additional info:
Tattoos: Chinese characters right shoulder; “Just Love Me” left hip; “Faith” left wrist
Piercings: Navel
Aliases: Tanner Mayberry. Evangeline, Tanner Mays
Started in 2008 at approx 22 years old

Not only is she gorgeous and not only is she extremely capable of what she does but now you can actually Watch Tanner Mayes Fucking live, she does live porn videos, on the famous network, and I have seen her as well on

It is an open invitation for you as you can see I have posted the link to the live web cam porn resource and it will take you directly to one of her pages on that website where you can watch one of her live shows that they recorded while it was actually happening in front of a live audience, that way you can have an idea about what I’m talking about as a video will explain a lot more than 10,000 words.

Damn you Tanner you’re one hot pornstar bitch!

She’s been around for a few years, but it’s only been lately that she has joined the team that does Live Porn Movies, the team of pornstars just like herself that have decided to make a massive change in live WebCam sex and to offer people that want to see it the real stuff with the only difference that instead of it being recorded his 100% live!

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Why did she make this move? Well simply put it this way, she has made it all the way to the very top with porn movie productions, those videos that you see on the porn tubes or on the pay websites or even pay-per-view on television, she was on top of it all among the top 25 most famous adult models, she wanted to expand the do something different and that’s why she joined the team of babes that do Webcam Porn and yes she is doing extremely well there to.

I wrote a special about her today on the Cherry Pimps Models blog and if you have time to free the past by and check it out for yourself.

Tanner and her amazing live porn shows

Tanner Myers, just the name, just reading that name, just hearing that name or saying it myself out loud gives me a boner! The reason is simple because I have seen one off her shows a better still one of her Live Cam Porn videos. It was an absolutely amazing experience, and it was not one of the first that I had seen, she was absolutely stunning, nevertheless all the others were to, but she had something that I like the little bit more. She is one on the chicks that I consider perfect woman, who looks, her figure, and while having the opportunity to watch her in a live performance I got to see another side of her and that’s when she became my favorite pornstar and unless they clone her I doubt that there will be anyone that can possibly contender in my books.


Don’t take me wrong, I love every single one on the Pornstars on cam that I have watched so far, and I have seen at least two dozen porn videos live and have sat down and watched them the whole time that they lasted, we’re always talking about an hour and a half to two hours of continuous sex.

However she will be performing at least a couple of times this incoming month, and along with her another 900 porn stars if not more at this time will also be doing their thing over at and while we are talking about this specific website I would like to also announced that the Cherry Pimps Facebook Page is still not officially announced by the company, but I am going to announce it anyhow, and I really don’t care if they will be mad at me or not. I found it a couple of days ago I noticed that they are already updating it even though they are not promoting it in any way or form whatsoever, neither on any announcements on any of the media websites or even their own website, Passed by check it out and if you like it even better.

Tanner is going to the top thanks to her live porn videos

That’s what I heard and after speaking to a good friend that works for the live porn star network and he confirmed that her ratings are absolutely astonishing I can only turn that around and confirm that with you her biggest fans. However it doesn’t surprise me in any form all way whatsoever that she wouldn’t have made it to the top, simply because I have seen several of Tanner Mayes Porn Videos and I did enjoy them, but then I got to see her live and that’s when I said that this girl is deaf only one of the best at what she does, and apparently many others just like me and just like you think it the same way.


There is a massive difference when it comes down to watching simply porn videos, and then watching Live Pornstars having sex on the web, the difference in the proportions are absolutely way off the mark, there is no way that you could possibly define them equally, don’t take me wrong porn videos are the the top and it comes down to adult entertainment, but they have just taken it to a totally new level.

Don’t just stand there if you’re not a member I firmly suggest that you at least visit the website and see what it’s all about, and while you’re there I can give you another suggestion that all checking out the personal profile of Dana Dearmond at, she happens to be one on the most popular adult models at this time and I’m not talking about on this network I am talking about world wide as popularity.

Tanner mayes and her successful Live Pornstar Career

Tanner my dear what are you doing? The whole world is talking about you, in every single language where ever I visit among a few other stream leaf popular porn stars I always notice that you are listed in blog threads forum discussions etc. especially when it comes down to Live Porn and from what it seems you are doing exceptionally well in.

I myself have seen at least two dozen Hot Pornstars shows on the same network where you are Tanner, and to be honest before I started watching you getting fucked live streamed over the Internet I didn’t consider you a fantastic porn star then I had to redeem myself and admitted that you are by far one of my favorite top 10 porn stars, and if you consider that I have in my list of favorites on my computer close to 150 adult sex models just like you then you should take it as a compliment. And I’m sure I am not the only person that thinks it that way I am convinced that there are hundreds maybe thousands more over at where you perform that think it just like me after that they have watched one of your live sex shows.

tanner mayes live porn videostanner mayes live porn

This new trend of the Live sex videos business is actually a little more than just a trend, what we’re talking about here is around 1000 the hottest porn stars that there are today in the adult industry, keep in mind that there are over 12,000 registered adult models but from what I understand they selected first the top 500 hour of those 12,000 and then selected another 500 that way at every hour of the day they are complete with a live sex shows and rotate the porn stars so that they perform at least once every two months, not in Tanners case that she will be performing a lot more often as her popularity has exploded and the requests for her life porn shows are at a record high.

Hot Tanner now shifting to live streaming porn videos

Well, let me be clear from the start, as I have already spoken in person with her and she explained the big move that she made. Tanner Mayes Pornstar of the year 2012 is still making porn movies and will still make them for a very long time to come she said, the only thing is that she is also making life porn videos, in other words she is getting fucked by big cocks in front of a crew, that a holding cameras, just that most of the time they are filming but in many cases they are filming and streaming. What does that mean?

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It’s very simple, we’re talking about when she’s called in to make a porn movie there are also some operators and cameramen that are in the studios and our operating a WebCam and therefore everything that they point at is being broadcasted live, so every time there is sex it will be sex and Tanner Mayes on That’s where it will all be broadcasted live on that website that I just listed and you can conveniently click on that link and it will take you to that website on her profile page, that way you have an idea what it’s all about and if you do sign up you’ll be able to in confidence.

Life sex is pretty cool Luz is talking about when the lonely and bored housewife besides to have sex on WebCam or the college student that needs money for her tuition will do the same, but you really don’t know what you’re going to get with them but sex and Live Pornstars yet you do, because you know what porn star is coming up in the days to come and you know that they know how to handle cock you know that they are professionals when it comes down to having sex and therefore the live performance that you will see will be one hell of a live performance you know what I mean?!!

Tanner Mayes Fucked From Behind

Tanner Mayes loves the cock. She’s the type of chick that craves cock and getting fucked. She lives for it. Yes, Tanner Mayes loves being fucked….

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And she loves being fucked in any position, but fucking from behind is her favorite position! It never fails to get her off!

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Tanner Mayes can ride cock like this all day long too – she’s a real slut who loves to fuck!

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When he flopped out his cock in front of her, Tanner Mayes wasn’t sure what to make of it… She loves cock as much as the next chick but this was too much cock… She was stunned – did he really expect her to suck him off?

Tanner Mayes was willing to try!

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But before she could get the chance to suck him off, he rammed his cock deep inside of Tanner MayesTanner Mayes was nice and tight and his cock fit in like a glove!

He was bound to get off in her tight pussy after ramming his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust!

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Tanner Mayes Fucked Doggie Style

Tanner Mayes was super horny – and couldn’t wait to have a dick in her mouth!

With one hand around his cock and her mouth licking his cock it’s only a matter of seconds before his cock is super hard!

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And her pussy was already wet and she was ready to get fucked!

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She was getting him off by fucking him with her leg up in the air, but it wasn’t until Tanner Mayes was bent over and getting fucked doggie style that she got off!

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